When disaster strikes mission-critical assets...


Flooding or Water Exposure

Hurricane or Tornado

Lightning and Power Disruptions

General Contaminates

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The decisions (or lack of) made during the early stages of a disaster will often dictate whether the incident will prove to be regarded a minor inconvenience or a major disaster. This is especially true when mission-critical equipment and machinery assets are involved. Knowing what to do and who to engage is paramount for successful recovery of productivity. Technical Recovery Solutions (TRS) provides the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions following a disastrous event. Whether you choose to actively engage TRS on your recovery project or simply use this website as a source of invaluable information to make informed business decisions, TRS is your “Go-To” resource when disaster strikes.
Providing practical solutions to technical issues… Technical Recovery Solutions sets the standard for equipment damage assessments and recovery assistance. (704)315-5137